Make sure the HD footage is shot 1920 x 1080P. We offer High Definition Wedding Videos in St. Louis and beyond shooting in 1080P. If you go HD make sure its shot HD, edited HD and delivered to you with at least one master HD Blu-ray Disk!



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St. Louis Wedding Video

With a growing ethnic population in St. Louis, we understand that it is hard to find a videographer who is sensitive to other's traditions. Lifetime Media understands this and has experience videotaping numerous ethnic ceremonies and events.

Focus on Detail
Your wedding day is not a rigid outline of point and shoot steps, but rather a collection of emotions, colors, people, small details, sights and sounds that make your event one of a kind.

Discretion is our Policy
You practically won't even know we are there. We do not use the harsh lights that make eveyone say, "Whoah, there's the camera guy." This helps us get more candid and natural footage.

Welcome to Lifetime Media!

We are proud to be celebrating 13 years in business this year. You are important to us. Our business is built on providing professionally produced wedding videos. Bottom line is we must excel at providing the best service, quality and price year after year….after all it’s why we are celebrating 13 years in business.

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